Acute Bronchitis Treatment With Herbs

Traditional medicine has accumulated effective prescriptions of bronchitis treatment with vegetable drugs.

1. Aloe juice – 15 g, is admixed with a pork or goose lard (100 g), add 100 g of butter (unsalted), 100 g of bee honey, 50 g of cocoa (optionally, it is for pleasant taste). Take a tablespoon twice a day with a glass of hot milk. Juice of aloe can’t be used at the bleeding hemorrhoids, pregnancy, bladder of or kidneys inflammation.

2. Admix equal parts of doorweed, dill fruit, anise fruit, pine buds, thyme grass, crushed licorice root. 4 teaspoons of the received admixture fill in with one and a half glass of cold boiled water, brew for two hours, put on fire and bring to boiling. 2-3 minutes boil, then cool and filter. It is necessary to drink half-glass for half an hour before meals three times a day.

3. Onion with honey. The half a kilo of the crushed onion stir with 400 g of sugar and 50 g of honey in liter of water, stew it slowly. Then it is necessary to cool and filter. Drink on a tablespoon, the frequency of reception – 4-6 times a day. The agent is stored corked in a cool dark place.

4. An admixture from 4 parts of ledum grass, 1 part of birch buds, 2 parts of marjoram grass, 1 part of stinging nettle. Crush the mixture; take two tablespoons of it on half of liter of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes; then brew 30 minutes, having wrapped up. Tincture is filtered, used 1/3 glasses three times a day after meal.

5. Infusion of marjoram ordinary. The teaspoon of grass is infused in a glass of boiling water, brew for two hours. It is necessary to drink a glass quarter of medicine three times a day.

6. The tablespoon of crushed sage leaf is placed in a glass of milk. In the closed ware bring to boiling. Drink a hot mixture before going to bed.

Bronchitis Treatment In Children

Bronchitis in children is followed by wheezes and severe cough. Dry tussis passes into the persistent wet. Complications (otitis, pneumonia) are possible. Even if the child has no high temperature, it is necessary to apply to a doctor.

In babies bronchitis can lead to a lethal outcome if not to treat in time. At emergence of tussis the baby’s breast and back should be smeared with melted lard or vegetable oil, having added a little turpentine.

If the child has a fever, rubbing of skin with vodka in half with warm acetum is very efficient. Allow the child to drink a spoon of chamomile tincture, wrap up well and let sweat profusely.

At emergence of tussis it is recommended to take hundred grams of oil and as much fresh honey, admix with 0.2 grams of vanillin. Medicine is given to the child one teaspoon three times a day.

If tussis becomes lingering, it is possible to take a potato, apple and a head of onion. They are cooked in one liter of water until water half evaporates. One teaspoon of broth is given to the child three times a day.

At severe cough cook four walnuts (with a shell), a tablespoon of elder flowers and a tablespoon of bee honey in half liter of water. The received broth is filtered and given to the child one tablespoon three times a day. One more prescription is to drink broth from linen seeds within a week. At a severe cough it is possible to apply mustard plasters, warm compresses, and dry cups. The alleviation at persistent tussis is given by inhalation of turpentine or birch tar.

If the sputum badly discharges, it is necessary to give to the child several times a day 2-3 drops of almond oil on sugar syrup. The sick child is placed in warm room, wrapped up, regularly is given sudorific: hot tea with raspberry, milk.

Bronchitis Treatment With Leeches

At treatment of chronic and lingering acute bronchitis, medical leech is used which copes with congestive implications in the patient’s lungs. It improves oxygen saturation of cells, metabolism and immune processes.

For leeches application at treatment of bronchitis standard scheme is used allocating the following zones:

- Zone of lungs. Points are located over and under a clavicle.

- Splenic zone. Points are symmetrized in an axillary zone on the right and left, one palm below from axillary hollow.

- Inter-scapular zone. Points at the level of 3-4th thoracic vertebrae behind on the central line, also 2-4 fingers outside from it.

- Sacral zone. Includes a sacrum projection to back surface, and stretches down to the coccyx ending.

- Hepatic zone. Points in right subcostal area and on the ending of xiphoid appendix.

Procedures are carried out in series, that is at first leeches are applied on a pulmonary, at the end – on the hepatic zone.

Indispensable condition of treatment is that leeches have to fall off themselves (it is not necessary to take them off too early).

The first procedure requires 2-3 leeches, the second – 3-4 leeches, the third – 4-5 leeches, the fourth – 5-6 leeches. As a rule, it is enough this quantity for one course of treatment.

Procedures are carried out in such sequence: the second in three days after the first, third in five days after the second, and fourth in seven days after the third.

Bronchitis is included into the list of diseases which can be treated with hirudotherapy (medical leech application). Hirudotherapy can be applied as the main or additional treatment. The standard scheme of treatment can be used without misgivings, but the disease requires doctor’s observation.

Bronchitis Treatment On The Dead Sea

Successful treatment of chronic bronchitis has a comprehensive character, includes medicines and non-drug influence. Visit of health resorts is wholesome for health of patients. The best conditions for sanatorium treatment of bronchitis exist on the Dead Sea. Besides a felicitous location of the health resort in climate, favorable for pulmonary patients, the Dead Sea is known with established on its coast modern clinics. The medical effect increases with use of modern equipment and comfortable conditions of accommodation.

For each patient the doctor makes an individual medical and diagnostic program. It may include:

- Solar treatment (bathing and solar suntan).

- Thalassotherapy (treatment by the sea) – that is inhalation of the pure sea air saturated with mineral substances and rich with oxygen that extremely well influences respiratory tract.

- Physiotherapy exercises.

- Respiratory gymnastics.

- Anti-cellulite procedures and correction of weight.

- Draining massage.

- Mud applications.

- Deep-water algae applications.

- Vegetable and medicinal inhalations.

- Physiotherapy. The list and the scheme of procedures are selected individually. There are more than one hundred procedures.

- Acupuncture (including laser technologies).

Patients arrived to the Dead Sea are exhausted with chronic illness soon feel stronger and full of strength. Except medical influence, the Dead Sea is an excellent unique health resort. Thanks to big salinity, water in the sea is so dense that person can keep on it without air mattress.

Bronchitis Treatment With Sea Salt

At chronic bronchitis and many other inflammatory diseases of lungs treatment with use of sea salt is effective. It is applied for inhalations, gargles, and compresses. Regular procedures help to get rid of tussis, to improve the general condition of the patient. These are some prescriptions:

1. Take a teaspoon half of sea salt and baking soda; dissolve these substances in a glass of clear water. Every morning, immediately after awakening, it is necessary to gargle the throat with warm solution. When there are about two sips in the glass, the rest should be drunk.

2. Sea salt is necessary finely grind in a mortar, to hit on a frying pan and to pour the heated salt dust into a bowl. Bending low over the bowl, it is necessary to inhale deeply, stirring salt slowly with a spoon. Dry saline inhalation helps to win against an acute bronchitis just for some days. It is good for treatment of other catarrhal diseases.

3. At bronchitis and bronchial asthma inhalations with solution of sea salt in concentration two-three tablespoons per liter of hot water are useful. Use of the crystalline salt with Menthol sold in drugstores is allowed. After carrying out medical procedure it is recommended to have a rest.

The effect from all procedures with use of sea salt will increase if to combine them with foot saline baths in the evenings. For preparation of bath take 5-7 liters of water with temperature 60 °C, dissolve five tablespoons of sea salt in it. Put your feet into the bath with solution and hold before its cooling. Then dry feet with a soft towel and put on warm woolen socks, having filled up there fine sea salt (it is better to use dust). Don’t take off socks till morning.

Bronchitis Treatment With Mineral Waters

At chronic bronchitis mineral waters are used in the form of inhalations. Useful substances of mineral water are injected into lungs, removing the inflammation and facilitating illness symptoms. No need be afraid of harmful effects of mineral water on your organism, mineral water is a natural product and can’t do any harm to the person.

Carbonic, radon and hydro sulphuric mineral waters are applied for inhalations. At first it is necessary to prepare mineral water. Let gas go out from it. It is better to do it having left the bottle open for the night. If there is no such opportunity, it is necessary to allow gas evaporate within at least two hours before the procedure.

Application of ultrasonic inhaler is most effective. Procedure is considerably facilitated. It isn’t necessary to take a towel, additional ware, to heat water. After all, even such simple actions bring a discomfort to the patient for whom forces are enough just to be in bed.

It is desirable to disinfect the inhaler before use. Then in the tank of the inhaler fill in 5 ml of mineral water. It is necessary to breathe with medical discharges for 5-10 minutes. Duration of the procedure for children is twice shorter.

If there is no a special inhaler, it can be replaced with a traditional method. Mineral water is poured in a pan and heated to 40 degrees. Lower temperature won’t give effect, and too high can cause scald of respiratory tracts.

It is necessary to bend over a heated pan and be covered from above with a dense towel. Breathe with steam within 5-7 minutes, but 3 minutes will be enough for children. Procedure is repeated for 5-7 times a day, for children two times less.

Heated air shouldn’t be replaced with sharply cool, especially frosty from the street.

Bronchitis Treatment with Diary Butter

Oil – an effective remedy from bronchitis. It can be used in various variations.

Treatment of bronchitis with remedies on the basis of diary butter is carried like this: it is necessary to melt 200 grams of butter and 200 g of honey, to add 1-2 grams of propolis. The mixture needs to be brought to boiling, then to boil it within one minute. After cooling it is placed in refrigerator for storage. This remedy for bronchitis treatment is taken three times a day for a tablespoon before meals (for half an hour).

It is not easy to make little children to take bitter medicine. For this purpose, try to choose a sweet component. Usual butter can be replaced with chocolate. It perfectly copes with cold and bronchitis. 100 grams of butter, a bar of any black chocolate, 3-4 tablespoons of powder of cocoa and pork fat is required. On slow fire melt fat and butter, add the crushed chocolate and cocoa to them. Mixture is stirred thoroughly and cooled. Spread the bread for several times a day the received chocolate butter and give it to the child.

Treatment of bronchitis is even more effective if to wash medical oil sandwich down with warm milk, having added a pinch of baking soda.

It is possible to treat bronchitis with butter outwardly. For preparation of a medical compress the crude vegetable oil needs to be boiled on a water bath, then to impregnate with it a long woolen towel. Oil has to be warm, not cold or hot. Over a towel stack cellophane not to soil clothes or bed linen, roll up thorax with towel, put on a jacket from above and cover with blanket. It is possible to repeat the procedure later.

Bronchitis Treatment With Compresses

1. Take 2-3 tablespoons of vodka. Fabric or gauze are moistened with vodka, put on breast, parchment is put above to cover the top layer. Cover the compress with sheet wadding and fix with bandage. Procedure is carried out every second day, for the night, within one or two weeks. It is necessary to hold the compress on the body no more than 20-25 minutes.

2. 1/2 glasses of fresh drug speedwell juice and 250 ml of vodka are necessary. mix Juice with vodka in a proportion one to one. Draw for 10 days. Then the tincture is filtered and added to the remained vodka. Ready medicine is poured in bottle, hermetically closed and put to be stored in a cool place. Rub with tincture for the night within several days until the absolute recovery from acute bronchitis comes.

3. 150 grams of potatoes, two tablespoons of honey and 1/2 glasses of vodka are the components of a medicine. Potatoes are cooked in peels and laid down in a plastic bag, pressed a little and then wrapped up in a piece of flannel. The bundle is put to a breast and fixed with bandage. Subsequently honey is dissolved in vodka. The compress is put on the patient; he drinks the prepared medicine and goes to bed. Such procedures are carried out for the night at the first symptoms of bronchitis, and only in case if there is no temperature increase. It is possible to leave a compress for all night long. Usually three-four procedures are enough for recovery from the disease.

Bronchitis Treatment With Mustard

Some prescriptions of traditional remedies of bronchitis are based on mustard use.

1. Take two tablespoons of mustard seeds powder, one edible root of radish, two tablespoons flour, bee honey and sunflower oil. The radish is grated on fine grater; mustard, flour and honey is added, thoroughly mixed, forming a flat cake.

Smear breast with sunflower oil, put on it a flat cake (area of heart is not touched), cover with polyethylene film or paper. Outside the body is wrapped up with woolen kerchief. Such compress is put for the night within at least seven days.

2. 50 grams of mustard powder thoroughly mix with one tablespoon of honey and 50 ml of radish juice in two and a half glasses of water. Moisten a towel with received solution, wring out a little and put on the patient’s breast, having covered the towel with polyethylene film or woolen kerchief. Such compress is kept for 30 minutes; and then skin is wiped dry. One more hour is necessary to lie under a blanket. Instead of radish juice in this prescription is allowed to use one well crushed onion. The compress should be applied only at the normal body temperature of patient with bronchitis.

3. Powder of seeds of mustard – half a teaspoon, bee honey -100 grams, fresh diary butter – half a tablespoon, crushed garlic -1 tablespoon, rhizomes of the horse-radish, crushed – 1 tablespoon. Mix all components thoroughly. Take medicine within a month for a teaspoon in one hour before meals.

Bronchitis Treatment With Wine

Wine warms, promotes a liquefaction of sputum and its best discharge. Wine is used in certain cases in pure form, but more often various folk remedies are drawn on it.

Prescription with use of acidic wine will help to improve discharge of sputum at bronchitis. Take 1/2 liters of dry wine (if it is home-made, sugar should not be added to wine). To drink twice a day for a quarter of glass before and after meals slightly warmed up wine. Duration of treatment course is two weeks.

The combination of acidic wine and infusion of leaves of plantain helps well (50 g of dry leaves on half liter of wine). They possess diluting a sputum and expectorant action. Leaves are added to the wine heated on moderate fire. Continuously and slowly stirring, bring the mixture to boiling, take it away from fire and continue to heat 20-30 minutes more on a centigrade water bath. Drink a half of glass of hot tincture twice a day within two weeks.

Medicine with more complicated structure is often miracle-working at treatment of chronic bronchitis. Take twenty nut kernels, grind them in powder. Do a pulp of three lemons with peel. Mix all ingredients with 300 ml of aloe juice, 500 g of honey, and 200 ml of red wine. The prepared mixture needs to be stored in a cool dark place. Medicine has a dissolving and sedative action at bronchitis and other inflammatory diseases of lungs. Take one tablespoon for half an hour before meals three times a day.