Antibiotics For Bronchitis Treatment

Most of patients with bronchitis recover without use of antibiotics. Prescription of antibiotics is recommended at:

- probable infection with a pertussis bacillus within first two weeks.

- infection with mycoplasmas or clostridiums.

- elderly patients at the accompanying severe chronic illness: malignant tumors, diabetes mellitus, heart failure.

- children of preschool age if within a week clinical improvement of an acute bronchitis has not come.

- The adult with a serious general condition, frequent productive tussis in the afternoon (with plentiful sputum secretion).

Prescription of antibiotics is also recommended for children at temperature above 38 °C more than three days, a dyspnea, the expressed toxicosis, a leukocytosis more 12000/mkl, the ESR is more than 20 mm

It isn’t necessary to prescribe  antibiotics of wide range of activity (fluoroquinolones, amoxicilan). If the patient insists the postponed prescription of antibiotics is recommended – antimicrobial medicine is suggested for application not at once but if the condition has not improved within 3-7 days of therapy without antibiotics.

The acute bronchitis more often is caused by viruses, and it is not necessary to apply antibiotics in this case. Unreasonable application of antibiotics conducts to disbacteriosis, allergic reactions, forms the resistance of microorganisms.

Antibiotics at bronchitis are selected at random, knowing what microbe more often causes an acute bronchitis in patients of a certain age in this district. If possible (agents and equipment allow) it is necessary to carry out sputum inoculation and to specify what originator caused bronchitis, to define its sensitivity to antibiotic.

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