Acute Bronchitis Treatment With Herbs

Traditional medicine has accumulated effective prescriptions of bronchitis treatment with vegetable drugs.

1. Aloe juice – 15 g, is admixed with a pork or goose lard (100 g), add 100 g of butter (unsalted), 100 g of bee honey, 50 g of cocoa (optionally, it is for pleasant taste). Take a [...]

Bronchitis Treatment In Children

Bronchitis in children is followed by wheezes and severe cough. Dry tussis passes into the persistent wet. Complications (otitis, pneumonia) are possible. Even if the child has no high temperature, it is necessary to apply to a doctor.

In babies bronchitis can lead to a lethal outcome if not to treat [...]

Bronchitis Treatment With Leeches

At treatment of chronic and lingering acute bronchitis, medical leech is used which copes with congestive implications in the patient’s lungs. It improves oxygen saturation of cells, metabolism and immune processes.

For leeches application at treatment of bronchitis standard scheme is used allocating the following zones:

- Zone of [...]

Bronchitis Treatment On The Dead Sea

Successful treatment of chronic bronchitis has a comprehensive character, includes medicines and non-drug influence. Visit of health resorts is wholesome for health of patients. The best conditions for sanatorium treatment of bronchitis exist on the Dead Sea. Besides a felicitous location of the health resort in climate, favorable for pulmonary patients, the Dead [...]

Bronchitis Treatment With Sea Salt

At chronic bronchitis and many other inflammatory diseases of lungs treatment with use of sea salt is effective. It is applied for inhalations, gargles, and compresses. Regular procedures help to get rid of tussis, to improve the general condition of the patient. These are some prescriptions:

1. Take a teaspoon half [...]

Bronchitis Treatment With Mineral Waters

At chronic bronchitis mineral waters are used in the form of inhalations. Useful substances of mineral water are injected into lungs, removing the inflammation and facilitating illness symptoms. No need be afraid of harmful effects of mineral water on your organism, mineral water is a natural product and can’t do any harm to [...]

Bronchitis Treatment with Diary Butter

Oil – an effective remedy from bronchitis. It can be used in various variations.

Treatment of bronchitis with remedies on the basis of diary butter is carried like this: it is necessary to melt 200 grams of butter and 200 g of honey, to add 1-2 grams of propolis. The mixture [...]

Bronchitis Treatment With Compresses

1. Take 2-3 tablespoons of vodka. Fabric or gauze are moistened with vodka, put on breast, parchment is put above to cover the top layer. Cover the compress with sheet wadding and fix with bandage. Procedure is carried out every second day, for the night, within one or two weeks. It is necessary [...]

Bronchitis Treatment With Mustard

Some prescriptions of traditional remedies of bronchitis are based on mustard use.

1. Take two tablespoons of mustard seeds powder, one edible root of radish, two tablespoons flour, bee honey and sunflower oil. The radish is grated on fine grater; mustard, flour and honey is added, thoroughly mixed, forming a flat [...]

Bronchitis Treatment With Wine

Wine warms, promotes a liquefaction of sputum and its best discharge. Wine is used in certain cases in pure form, but more often various folk remedies are drawn on it.

Prescription with use of acidic wine will help to improve discharge of sputum at bronchitis. Take 1/2 liters of dry wine [...]