Smokers Bronchitis

Chronic smoker bronchitis is often met. Usually the diagnosis of chronic bronchitis is made when the person coughs for three months per year and more within two years. The tobacco smoke thus is the major factor irritating respiratory tracts mucosa.

More often this disease arises in 20-40-year-old, gradually progresses, and if [...]

Antibiotics For Bronchitis Treatment

Most of patients with bronchitis recover without use of antibiotics. Prescription of antibiotics is recommended at:

- probable infection with a pertussis bacillus within first two weeks.

- infection with mycoplasmas or clostridiums.

- elderly patients at the accompanying severe chronic illness: malignant tumors, diabetes mellitus, heart [...]

Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is Continuous bronchi inflammation. If two years in succession there is a cough more than 3 months annually, it is possible to call bronchitis chronic. Smokers have the most serious risk. Cancer tumors, with which cigarette packs frighten smokers, can be met seldom in reality, but practically all smokers have bronchitis.


Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is a long time disturbing, periodically renewing an inflammatory disease of the bronchial tree. For the recognition of chronic bronchitis, you need one condition – the repetition of the disease for at least 3 times a year for the last two consecutive years. In fact, chronic bronchitis – a disease that [...]

Symptoms Of Bronchitis

Symptoms (manifestations) of bronchitis are directly dependent on the reason for which bronchitis appeared. Recall that such reasons may be two, in particular – an infection and allergy. If bronchitis is contagious nature and the cause of its occurrence was the acute respiratory disease, bronchial mucosa becomes extremely sensitive and susceptible to a [...]

Prevention Of Bronchitis

Preventive measures contribute to the exclusion of the possibility of recurrence of the disease. Been ill for bronchitis is important to quit smoking, because smoking – one of the most highly probable risk of recurrence of the disease. More complicated is the task of preventing bronchitis for employees of hazardous industries, including chemicals. [...]

Causes Of Bronchitis

In medicine, identified two main causes of bronchitis. It is an infection and allergic reaction. Concomitant cause can also act a genetic predisposition. But first things first. 1 Infectious bronchitis. Disease occurs due to contact with bronchial infection, viral or bacterial less. Typically, this occurs after the transfer of bronchitis patients with acute [...]

Obstructive Bronchitis

Obstructive bronchitis is an acute inflammatory disease of the bronchial tree, in which is sufficiently disrupted airway. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, and are, in fact, obstruction. Said disease is treated in the acute and chronic forms. The acute form of obstructive bronchitis is more common in childhood. Particularly critical is considered [...]

Mucolytics In The Treatment Of Bronchitis

To begin, we shall understand what mucolytics. Mucolytics – it’s drugs, thinning mucus, while not increasing its volume. All mucoactive drugs are usually divided into 3 types: – Effect on the qualitative properties of the mucus, such as viscosity and elasticity (in fact, we are considering mucolytics). – Accelerating the process of separation [...]

Treatment Of Bronchitis

Treatment is symptomatic bronchitis that is primarily aimed at eliminating disease symptoms. For example, a patient with bronchitis recommended bed rest, frequent copious warm (but not hot) drinking in a variety of teas, preferably with immune and vitamin products such as honey, raspberry, lemon, lime, hot foot bath stimulates circulation. Also prescribe medication, [...]