Causes Of Bronchitis

In medicine, identified two main causes of bronchitis. It is an infection and allergic reaction. Concomitant cause can also act a genetic predisposition. But first things first.
1 Infectious bronchitis. Disease occurs due to contact with bronchial infection, viral or bacterial less. Typically, this occurs after the transfer of bronchitis patients with acute respiratory disease, the common cold. Over the primary disease weakens the protective function of the human immune system, and bronchi become more susceptible to the adverse effects of infections. Getting into the bronchi, the new bacterium or virus, causes their swelling and narrowing of the airways, making it difficult to breath while the patient. Disruptive to the mucus, it begins to be produced in large quantities, separated from the walls of the bronchi, leaving with a cough. Has, as a rule, a similar structure to the gel, a transparent, greenish or yellowish color.
2 Allergic bronchitis. Obstruction of bronchi such as bronchitis arises as a result of allergic reactions. However, as in the previous case, allergy and weakens the body’s immune system makes bronchi vulnerable. Further to the response associated infection and the initial allergic bronchospasm is at the stage of acute bronchitis.
Also contribute to the development of bronchitis unfavorable climate (dry, dusty air, or in front of the wet, cold), exposure to cigarette smoke, toxic gases, smoke.
Hereditary predisposition to bronchitis occurs in people whose parents suffer from chronic forms of bronchitis.

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