Bronchitis Treatment In Children

Bronchitis in children is followed by wheezes and severe cough. Dry tussis passes into the persistent wet. Complications (otitis, pneumonia) are possible. Even if the child has no high temperature, it is necessary to apply to a doctor.

In babies bronchitis can lead to a lethal outcome if not to treat in time. At emergence of tussis the baby’s breast and back should be smeared with melted lard or vegetable oil, having added a little turpentine.

If the child has a fever, rubbing of skin with vodka in half with warm acetum is very efficient. Allow the child to drink a spoon of chamomile tincture, wrap up well and let sweat profusely.

At emergence of tussis it is recommended to take hundred grams of oil and as much fresh honey, admix with 0.2 grams of vanillin. Medicine is given to the child one teaspoon three times a day.

If tussis becomes lingering, it is possible to take a potato, apple and a head of onion. They are cooked in one liter of water until water half evaporates. One teaspoon of broth is given to the child three times a day.

At severe cough cook four walnuts (with a shell), a tablespoon of elder flowers and a tablespoon of bee honey in half liter of water. The received broth is filtered and given to the child one tablespoon three times a day. One more prescription is to drink broth from linen seeds within a week. At a severe cough it is possible to apply mustard plasters, warm compresses, and dry cups. The alleviation at persistent tussis is given by inhalation of turpentine or birch tar.

If the sputum badly discharges, it is necessary to give to the child several times a day 2-3 drops of almond oil on sugar syrup. The sick child is placed in warm room, wrapped up, regularly is given sudorific: hot tea with raspberry, milk.

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