Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is Continuous bronchi inflammation. If two years in succession there is a cough more than 3 months annually, it is possible to call bronchitis chronic. Smokers have the most serious risk. Cancer tumors, with which cigarette packs frighten smokers, can be met seldom in reality, but practically all smokers have bronchitis.

Any bronchi irritation changes their mucosa, facilitates penetration of microbes. More and more sputum is excreted; its expectorating becomes worse. Morning tussis is supplemented by daily and evening cough, becomes stronger in wet, cold weather, becoming continuous in due course. At an exacerbation the transparent sputum grows turbid, gets thick, and has unpleasant smell. Bronchi are narrowed, there is a dyspnea (the exhalation is more difficult). There is not enough oxygen in a blood, respiratory insufficiency grows.

For diagnosis of bronchitis an x-ray film should be done, carry out culture sputum, extracting pathogenic bacteria and defining their sensitivity to antibiotics. Investigate external respiration functions and carry out a bronchoscopy if necessary.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis is a continuous procedure so it is desirable to begin at initial stage. At an exacerbation doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory and expectorant drugs, antibiotics. It is also possible to clean out bronchi through a bronchoscope with solutions of preparations for mucus volume decrease and putting off of an inflammation. Inhalations and physiotherapy are helpful.

For prophylaxis of chronic bronchitis it is necessary to have healthy life style, quit smoking. If the disease has already developed, avoid overcooling, and treat respiratory infections in time.

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