Bronchitis Treatment On The Dead Sea

Successful treatment of chronic bronchitis has a comprehensive character, includes medicines and non-drug influence. Visit of health resorts is wholesome for health of patients. The best conditions for sanatorium treatment of bronchitis exist on the Dead Sea. Besides a felicitous location of the health resort in climate, favorable for pulmonary patients, the Dead Sea is known with established on its coast modern clinics. The medical effect increases with use of modern equipment and comfortable conditions of accommodation.

For each patient the doctor makes an individual medical and diagnostic program. It may include:

- Solar treatment (bathing and solar suntan).

- Thalassotherapy (treatment by the sea) – that is inhalation of the pure sea air saturated with mineral substances and rich with oxygen that extremely well influences respiratory tract.

- Physiotherapy exercises.

- Respiratory gymnastics.

- Anti-cellulite procedures and correction of weight.

- Draining massage.

- Mud applications.

- Deep-water algae applications.

- Vegetable and medicinal inhalations.

- Physiotherapy. The list and the scheme of procedures are selected individually. There are more than one hundred procedures.

- Acupuncture (including laser technologies).

Patients arrived to the Dead Sea are exhausted with chronic illness soon feel stronger and full of strength. Except medical influence, the Dead Sea is an excellent unique health resort. Thanks to big salinity, water in the sea is so dense that person can keep on it without air mattress.

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