Diagnosis Of Bronchitis

Diagnosis of bronchitis involves a number of activities carried out by doctors at physician examination, the patient with the use of special instruments and laboratory studies, as well as through verbal examination.
After listening to the complaints of the patient the doctor is obliged to inspect it, namely, the therapist examines the mouth and throat in order to establish the inflammatory processes in these organs. Then the doctor listens with a stethoscope sounds of the lungs and bronchi of the patient with breathing. To do this, first offered to the patient to breathe, without straining, and then change the intensity of breath, took a deep breath in deeply and exhaling sharply maximize it.
Often these actions enough for error-free diagnosis, however, in the case of complicated bronchitis (obstruction) or chronic diseases physician may be offered a range of laboratory tests, including:
- The total blood count (to determine the level of ESR in the blood);
- Biochemical blood tests (to establish the level of protein in the blood. When acute bronchitis he raised. Sets the level of globulins.)
- Sputum culture (bacteriological study helps to establish the susceptibility to antibiotics);
- Serological testing (check the presence of antibodies to viruses);
- Immunological research.
To exclude the possibility of diseases of lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung and some others, have similar symptoms with chronic bronchitis, the doctor appointed by the X-ray examination.

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