Acute Bronchitis Treatment With Herbs

Traditional medicine has accumulated effective prescriptions of bronchitis treatment with vegetable drugs.

1. Aloe juice – 15 g, is admixed with a pork or goose lard (100 g), add 100 g of butter (unsalted), 100 g of bee honey, 50 g of cocoa (optionally, it is for pleasant taste). Take a tablespoon twice a day with a glass of hot milk. Juice of aloe can’t be used at the bleeding hemorrhoids, pregnancy, bladder of or kidneys inflammation.

2. Admix equal parts of doorweed, dill fruit, anise fruit, pine buds, thyme grass, crushed licorice root. 4 teaspoons of the received admixture fill in with one and a half glass of cold boiled water, brew for two hours, put on fire and bring to boiling. 2-3 minutes boil, then cool and filter. It is necessary to drink half-glass for half an hour before meals three times a day.

3. Onion with honey. The half a kilo of the crushed onion stir with 400 g of sugar and 50 g of honey in liter of water, stew it slowly. Then it is necessary to cool and filter. Drink on a tablespoon, the frequency of reception – 4-6 times a day. The agent is stored corked in a cool dark place.

4. An admixture from 4 parts of ledum grass, 1 part of birch buds, 2 parts of marjoram grass, 1 part of stinging nettle. Crush the mixture; take two tablespoons of it on half of liter of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes; then brew 30 minutes, having wrapped up. Tincture is filtered, used 1/3 glasses three times a day after meal.

5. Infusion of marjoram ordinary. The teaspoon of grass is infused in a glass of boiling water, brew for two hours. It is necessary to drink a glass quarter of medicine three times a day.

6. The tablespoon of crushed sage leaf is placed in a glass of milk. In the closed ware bring to boiling. Drink a hot mixture before going to bed.

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