Bronchitis Treatment With Leeches

At treatment of chronic and lingering acute bronchitis, medical leech is used which copes with congestive implications in the patient’s lungs. It improves oxygen saturation of cells, metabolism and immune processes.

For leeches application at treatment of bronchitis standard scheme is used allocating the following zones:

- Zone of lungs. Points are located over and under a clavicle.

- Splenic zone. Points are symmetrized in an axillary zone on the right and left, one palm below from axillary hollow.

- Inter-scapular zone. Points at the level of 3-4th thoracic vertebrae behind on the central line, also 2-4 fingers outside from it.

- Sacral zone. Includes a sacrum projection to back surface, and stretches down to the coccyx ending.

- Hepatic zone. Points in right subcostal area and on the ending of xiphoid appendix.

Procedures are carried out in series, that is at first leeches are applied on a pulmonary, at the end – on the hepatic zone.

Indispensable condition of treatment is that leeches have to fall off themselves (it is not necessary to take them off too early).

The first procedure requires 2-3 leeches, the second – 3-4 leeches, the third – 4-5 leeches, the fourth – 5-6 leeches. As a rule, it is enough this quantity for one course of treatment.

Procedures are carried out in such sequence: the second in three days after the first, third in five days after the second, and fourth in seven days after the third.

Bronchitis is included into the list of diseases which can be treated with hirudotherapy (medical leech application). Hirudotherapy can be applied as the main or additional treatment. The standard scheme of treatment can be used without misgivings, but the disease requires doctor’s observation.

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