Bronchitis Treatment With Mineral Waters

At chronic bronchitis mineral waters are used in the form of inhalations. Useful substances of mineral water are injected into lungs, removing the inflammation and facilitating illness symptoms. No need be afraid of harmful effects of mineral water on your organism, mineral water is a natural product and can’t do any harm to the person.

Carbonic, radon and hydro sulphuric mineral waters are applied for inhalations. At first it is necessary to prepare mineral water. Let gas go out from it. It is better to do it having left the bottle open for the night. If there is no such opportunity, it is necessary to allow gas evaporate within at least two hours before the procedure.

Application of ultrasonic inhaler is most effective. Procedure is considerably facilitated. It isn’t necessary to take a towel, additional ware, to heat water. After all, even such simple actions bring a discomfort to the patient for whom forces are enough just to be in bed.

It is desirable to disinfect the inhaler before use. Then in the tank of the inhaler fill in 5 ml of mineral water. It is necessary to breathe with medical discharges for 5-10 minutes. Duration of the procedure for children is twice shorter.

If there is no a special inhaler, it can be replaced with a traditional method. Mineral water is poured in a pan and heated to 40 degrees. Lower temperature won’t give effect, and too high can cause scald of respiratory tracts.

It is necessary to bend over a heated pan and be covered from above with a dense towel. Breathe with steam within 5-7 minutes, but 3 minutes will be enough for children. Procedure is repeated for 5-7 times a day, for children two times less.

Heated air shouldn’t be replaced with sharply cool, especially frosty from the street.

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