Bronchitis Treatment With Mustard

Some prescriptions of traditional remedies of bronchitis are based on mustard use.

1. Take two tablespoons of mustard seeds powder, one edible root of radish, two tablespoons flour, bee honey and sunflower oil. The radish is grated on fine grater; mustard, flour and honey is added, thoroughly mixed, forming a flat cake.

Smear breast with sunflower oil, put on it a flat cake (area of heart is not touched), cover with polyethylene film or paper. Outside the body is wrapped up with woolen kerchief. Such compress is put for the night within at least seven days.

2. 50 grams of mustard powder thoroughly mix with one tablespoon of honey and 50 ml of radish juice in two and a half glasses of water. Moisten a towel with received solution, wring out a little and put on the patient’s breast, having covered the towel with polyethylene film or woolen kerchief. Such compress is kept for 30 minutes; and then skin is wiped dry. One more hour is necessary to lie under a blanket. Instead of radish juice in this prescription is allowed to use one well crushed onion. The compress should be applied only at the normal body temperature of patient with bronchitis.

3. Powder of seeds of mustard – half a teaspoon, bee honey -100 grams, fresh diary butter – half a tablespoon, crushed garlic -1 tablespoon, rhizomes of the horse-radish, crushed – 1 tablespoon. Mix all components thoroughly. Take medicine within a month for a teaspoon in one hour before meals.

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