Prevention Of Bronchitis

Preventive measures contribute to the exclusion of the possibility of recurrence of the disease. Been ill for bronchitis is important to quit smoking, because smoking – one of the most highly probable risk of recurrence of the disease.
More complicated is the task of preventing bronchitis for employees of hazardous industries, including chemicals. The fact that the toxic elements inhaled specified category of persons every day, one way or another, will periodically cause disease. Moreover, in such cases, allergic bronchitis often attached or alternatively bronchitis is caused by allergic reactions.
In the remission of bronchitis is very important to support the human immune system. This problem is easily solved with the help of complex vitamin preparations or bracing of broad actions prescribed by your doctor. Myself patient may also benefit from the recipes of traditional medicine, for whom such a case there is a great variety. You can, for example, every day on an empty stomach drink 1 tablespoon of the mixture of walnuts, prunes, dried apricots, raisins, figs, lemon and honey. At the tea, you can add a few drops of tincture of echinacea.
Absolute benefit in the prevention of bronchitis brings annual visit to the brim with warm sea, where the patient can, and a pleasure to spend time with, and a breath of sea, air saturated with iodine. It is also recommended at least occasional visits salt caverns or rooms.
Corresponding effect will bring classes breathing exercises.
But remember, any disease, including bronchitis, should heal completely. Do not stay on the removal of a number of symptoms causing the most discomfort.

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