Bronchitis Treatment With Sea Salt

At chronic bronchitis and many other inflammatory diseases of lungs treatment with use of sea salt is effective. It is applied for inhalations, gargles, and compresses. Regular procedures help to get rid of tussis, to improve the general condition of the patient. These are some prescriptions:

1. Take a teaspoon half of sea salt and baking soda; dissolve these substances in a glass of clear water. Every morning, immediately after awakening, it is necessary to gargle the throat with warm solution. When there are about two sips in the glass, the rest should be drunk.

2. Sea salt is necessary finely grind in a mortar, to hit on a frying pan and to pour the heated salt dust into a bowl. Bending low over the bowl, it is necessary to inhale deeply, stirring salt slowly with a spoon. Dry saline inhalation helps to win against an acute bronchitis just for some days. It is good for treatment of other catarrhal diseases.

3. At bronchitis and bronchial asthma inhalations with solution of sea salt in concentration two-three tablespoons per liter of hot water are useful. Use of the crystalline salt with Menthol sold in drugstores is allowed. After carrying out medical procedure it is recommended to have a rest.

The effect from all procedures with use of sea salt will increase if to combine them with foot saline baths in the evenings. For preparation of bath take 5-7 liters of water with temperature 60 °C, dissolve five tablespoons of sea salt in it. Put your feet into the bath with solution and hold before its cooling. Then dry feet with a soft towel and put on warm woolen socks, having filled up there fine sea salt (it is better to use dust). Don’t take off socks till morning.

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