Smokers Bronchitis

Chronic smoker bronchitis is often met. Usually the diagnosis of chronic bronchitis is made when the person coughs for three months per year and more within two years. The tobacco smoke thus is the major factor irritating respiratory tracts mucosa.

More often this disease arises in 20-40-year-old, gradually progresses, and if the patient doesn’t leave off smoking, reaches peak by 60-70 years.

When smoking tobacco weighed particles enlarging a myxopoiesis are accumulated on the internal surface of bronchi. The excessive myxopoiesis and disorder of its removal is an excellent substrate for reproduction of microorganisms.

At first tussis arises in the mornings. Then it annoys the patient day and night, becomes more intensive at wet cold weather. A large number of transparent sputum is constantly secreted. Other symptoms of bronchitis are: weakness, chest pain, temperature increase.

If chronic bronchitis lasts for years, bronchi are narrowed; periodically there are dyspnea attacks up to asphyxia, with more exhalation than inspiration disorder.

The smoker should refuse the addiction to smoke for treatment of chronic bronchitis. Expectorant and bronchus extensional medicines are prescribed. If there is an infection in addition antibiotics are prescribed. In the period of exacerbation of bronchitis anti-inflammatory and preparations to rising of immunity, inhalation (salt and baking soda solutions) are helpful.

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