Symptoms Of Bronchitis

Symptoms (manifestations) of bronchitis are directly dependent on the reason for which bronchitis appeared. Recall that such reasons may be two, in particular – an infection and allergy.
If bronchitis is contagious nature and the cause of its occurrence was the acute respiratory disease, bronchial mucosa becomes extremely sensitive and susceptible to a variety of bacteria, being weakened by illness. Once in the body, more or bacteria infection causes swelling of bronchus, and as a consequence – the restriction of air passageways. Hence the difficulty breathing. Exacerbation of infectious bronchitis often occurs in the winter.
Bronchitis may be harbingers of rhinitis, sore throat, hoarseness, and even hoarseness in his voice, sometimes a temporary loss of voice, and a dry cough. It is also possible increase in body temperature caused by the fact that these chills, weakness, aching joints. Later in the course of the disease the patient is disturbed secretion of mucus in the bronchi, and there is a strong characteristic of bronchitis heavy cough with sputum (transparent gel or with shades of green matter). Throat bronchitis is usually not affected and does not hurt. Pains behind the sternum, in the bronchi. From frequent intense coughing start to hurt your abdominals.
With long-term preservation of symptoms (7 days) the doctor may send you to a chest X-ray to rule out the possibility of joining such diseases as pneumonia (pneumonia).

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