Treatment Of Bronchitis

Treatment is symptomatic bronchitis that is primarily aimed at eliminating disease symptoms. For example, a patient with bronchitis recommended bed rest, frequent copious warm (but not hot) drinking in a variety of teas, preferably with immune and vitamin products such as honey, raspberry, lemon, lime, hot foot bath stimulates circulation.
Also prescribe medication, which in the first place are expectorants. The latter include Althea syrup, pertusin. Bronchospasm bronchitis cropped purpose tablet aminophylline.
Effective in treating considered steam inhalation, which include alkaline water (possibly mineral, but without gas) or 2% sodium bicarbonate solution (so-called physiological saline) with a few drops of eucalyptus, anise oil. In the liquid composition for inhalation also include Mucosolvan in ampoules. Will be more sparing inhalation, conducted with the help of the nebulizer.
To combat the high temperatures prescribed use of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), Nurofen or aminopyrine.
In therapy also included antihistamines – diphenhydramine Suprastin.
And Chronic obstructive bronchitis is usually treated with antibiotics to suppress infection. Antibiotic is selected taking into account the sensitive patients, previously holding the corresponding sample. Antibiotics are prescribed orally or parenterally.
In severe cases of obstruction used bronchodilators inhalers such as Atrovent, troventol, truvent.

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