Types Of Bronchitis

Typology of bronchitis is very diverse. Distinguish bronchitis from the intensity of the flow, the frequency of disease, localization of inflammatory processes and so on. The main types of bronchitis diagnosed by doctors, are acute, chronic obstructive bronchitis and.
Acute Bronchitis – is an acute focal inflammation of the bronchial tree. Bronchitis can cause a viral disease, physical and chemical factors (hypothermia, intoxication gases, etc.). In the first days of acute bronchitis the patient is haunting dry cough, possibly accompanied by a sore throat. Such an intense cough often causes vomiting, especially in patients with children at night. In the future, the cough becomes moist, start sputum. With cough human body gets rid of excess phlegm, and thus the bacteria it contains.
Cough in acute bronchitis lasts about two or so weeks. In protracted cough is the transition probability of bronchitis chronic.
A slight increase in temperature (up to 38 degrees). If bronchitis is accompanied by diseases such as influenza or SARS, the temperature can rise up to 40 degrees. The majority of patients have episodic headache, and weakness.
Chronic bronchitis – a progressive inflammation of the bronchi, not associated with a local lesion of the lungs. About Chronic bronchitis is worth considering if the cough lasts for 3 months in the same year for two consecutive years. The cause of chronic bronchitis is a long-term or permanent effect on the bronchi irritable certain factors (smoking, inhalation of contaminated dusts, toxins, air, etc.).
Obstructive bronchitis – a chronic inflammation of the bronchi, accompanied by obstruction (labored gas exchange and ventilation of the bronchi due to swelling of the respiratory tract). This type of bronchitis is characterized by the presence of shortness of breath.

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