Bronchitis Treatment With Wine

Wine warms, promotes a liquefaction of sputum and its best discharge. Wine is used in certain cases in pure form, but more often various folk remedies are drawn on it.

Prescription with use of acidic wine will help to improve discharge of sputum at bronchitis. Take 1/2 liters of dry wine (if it is home-made, sugar should not be added to wine). To drink twice a day for a quarter of glass before and after meals slightly warmed up wine. Duration of treatment course is two weeks.

The combination of acidic wine and infusion of leaves of plantain helps well (50 g of dry leaves on half liter of wine). They possess diluting a sputum and expectorant action. Leaves are added to the wine heated on moderate fire. Continuously and slowly stirring, bring the mixture to boiling, take it away from fire and continue to heat 20-30 minutes more on a centigrade water bath. Drink a half of glass of hot tincture twice a day within two weeks.

Medicine with more complicated structure is often miracle-working at treatment of chronic bronchitis. Take twenty nut kernels, grind them in powder. Do a pulp of three lemons with peel. Mix all ingredients with 300 ml of aloe juice, 500 g of honey, and 200 ml of red wine. The prepared mixture needs to be stored in a cool dark place. Medicine has a dissolving and sedative action at bronchitis and other inflammatory diseases of lungs. Take one tablespoon for half an hour before meals three times a day.

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